Sep 26 2010

Forrige ukes Tweets – 2010-09-26

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Sep 23 2010

Goodbye to Sony Ericsson

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For many years I’ve been using Sony Ericsson phones. I don’t remember the first one, but I had two K700i’s, one W880i, and lately I bought a SE X10i – their first Android phone, which got pretty good reviews leading up to the release, and both looked promising, and sounded promising when you took into account what SE said about Android and that it was gonna prioritize both the phone and Android in general on up and coming models.

That sort of sounds like they’re taking it seriously, and you kind of expect decent support, updates and a clear, concise map on where they’re heading.

Well, not so much. I ordered the phone in January, knowing it wouldn’t arrive until early April. Got the phone in April, and felt a bit cheated when I learned that SE was still shipping the phone with Android 1.6, but I was promised an update “soon”, so it was okay. It’s now late September, and X10-owners have still not seen Android 2.1, not to mention 2.2, which is no the defacto standard. Today SE announced that the upgrade to Android 2.1 will be further delayed, until the end of October, due to “more testing being needed”.

I posted a comment on the SE-blog, where I rant a bit, and mostly tell them that this will most likely be my last SE phone. I’m posting the whole comment here, but just to summarize: The X10 is not a bad phone. It has a great screen, a decent camera, it works quite well, and it does have Android, albeit 1.6, and that makes it easy to both modify and add apps to. But! And it’s sort of a major but – it doesn’t help if the phone itself is good, if the manufacturer doesn’t care about the customers. And SE obviously don’t care.

I’m gonna post the whole comment here, and if you want, you can check out the comment-section in the above SE-blogpost – currently, at the time of writing, there are about 550 responses, which more or less all show disappointment, rage, anger, frustration and other negative feelings towards SE. This creates bad marketing for them, an I completely understand the frustration – I live with it, actually. The failure of SE to get the update out, and to promise again and again “yes, it’s coming” and then fail, again and again, not to mention pushing an already dated version (Android 2.1) while other manufacturers push 2.2, is… both sad, disappointing and somewhat frustrating, since SE says something, and does something else completely.

This is disappointing, but no surprise. SE has continuously f*cked their customers over, and delivered small updates which have done next to nothing to transform what is essentially a very decent phone into what its potential should’ve been.

I’m angry with myself because I got duped into believing that the X10 would be a great phone. I was actually believing that SE meant what they said about making Android a priority, and while the first beta- (alpha)-tests were a bit slow, you promised us much more fluid motion and response when the phone came out. Well, it was slightly better, but Timescape and Mediascape is still slow, ugly, useless apps. There are lots and lots of third-party apps that does the same job lots better, not to mention quicker.

This should tell you something, SE. It should tell you that your priorities are wrong, and that you need to revise your strategy. Especially if you’re serious about “taking over the Android market”. Currently, you don’t have ANY serious contenders. Not ONE. X10i? Nope – to slow, too dated, crappy UI. X10 Mini / Mini Pro? Well, the Mini suffers the same problem as the X10i, apart from the fact that there are some minor improvements (but the tiny screen makes the phone more or less useless for power-users), Mini Pro has the added keyboard as a pro, if one wants that, but apart from that, not much going for it. That’s about it, isn’t it, SE? Not really a big priority – three phones, all with outdated software. Not what I’d call a priority segment.

Currently, there are lots and lots of better products available – HTC got them, and the latest launch from HTC bear withness about good things to come, Dell has one, Samsung Galaxy S is one… if I knew then, what I know now, I’d waited until either Desire came, or even a bit longer and bought an iPhone 4. Seriously. I’m not religious either way – I just want a good looking phone that does what I need it to do, and where I feel the manufacturer actully care at least a little bit about their users. Yes, it’s ironic that I put iPhone / Apple in the above list, isn’t it? But seriously, even Apple shows more care for their (somewhat more-than-loyal) customers than SE does now.

As many before me have said – this is probably gonna be my last SE phone. Not because I think the quality of the phone stinks, because it doesn’t, and all my previous SE-phones still work without problems – but because SE seem to not care at all about their customers, and have adopted a seriously arrogant stance in how they deal with customer demands. Not to mention lame excuses and feeble reasons given for not getting things done.
So, for me, this is a good bye. Maybe with a “maybe I’ll see you later” sentiment too… but at this time, it’s more like cutting my losses and not looking back.

I’m sorry, SE. I really am. But you f*cked up on this one.

Next time I buy a phone, it’s gonna take a lot of cajoling to make me buy SE.

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Sep 19 2010

Forrige ukes Tweets – 2010-09-19

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Sep 12 2010

Forrige ukes Tweets – 2010-09-12

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Sep 5 2010

Forrige ukes Tweets – 2010-09-05

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